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Bulk Bag Dischargers, FIBC Unloaders, and FIBC Dischargers are available in diffrent frame sizes to accomodate different discharging weight capacities. Our Bulk Bag Dischargers have dust free product discharge from bulk bags. Our bulk bag dischargers are expandable and flexible to meet discharging and bulk bag requirements.

Bag Transport Frame is designed for both fork truck and crane or hoist pick-up. The MTU-2500 Economy Design with Fork Truck Pick-up is a square frame to fit the matching square support frame. The MTU-4000 Bulk Bag Unloader Design with Hoist Feature, is a non-oriented, crucifix design. All transporter frames are painted safety yellow.

All dischargers can be loaded with fork trucks, company cranes or by hand. All standard unloaders incorporate a neoprene facial seal with 17" diameter discharge outlet for a dust-tight operation.

2500 lb. Capacity Bulk Bag Dischargers
4000 lb. Capacity Bulk Bag Dischargers
bulk bag dischargers for fork truck or crane unloading

Economical discharger for fork truck or crane loading with 2500lb capacity. All dischargers are provided with one bag transporter frame which is placed into the upper bag support frame, BSF, via fork truck or hoist.

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4000 lb. capacity bulk bag dischargers

Discharger is rated at 4,000 lb. capacity and is supplied with 4" square heavy structural tubing frame and 2 ton capacity electric or optional air-operated chain hoist. The horizontal trolley is manual as standard with an option for a powered trolley.

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Heavy Duty Bulk Bag Dischargers
Bag Dump Stations for 50/100 lb. Bulk Bags
heavy duty bulk bag dischargers with vibratory agitation

The BBU style of discharger incorporates heavy duty 1800 RPM, 3/4 HP motor vibrator, attached to a heavy duty rubber mount isolated hopper with bag access & untie door. The discharger operates like a live bin bottom agitating the face of the bag, with hi-amplitude, strong, shear-like vibrations.

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bulk bag dump stations for 50 or 100 lb bags

Loading of the BDS "Bag Dump Station" is simple and easy, in a totally dust-contained environment. 50 to 100 lb. bags are easily broken and unloaded.

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